Running for office is a strange process, full of counterintuitive and unforgiving rules and norms. With this book, people unfamiliar with campaigning will be in a position to figure out whether they (and their families) are suited to the undertaking, and if so, how to go about doing it effectively and economically.

Ken Menzel, General Counsel, Illinois State Board of Elections

Having helped Jeff research this book, I’m truly terrified that our secrets are out!

Dave Rickert, Kane County, Illinois, Treasurer

I truly appreciate Jeff’s capacity to frame a message and reframe an opponent’s attack. But where he really stood out was his ability to predict and counter our opponents’ every move. It was uncanny!

Richard Irvin, Mayor of Aurora, Illinois

Whether or not you agree with Jeff, he will always do two things; his research to confirm facts, and he will always tell the truth. I admire his ability to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Former Kane County, Illinois, Sheriff Patrick Perez

While Jeff and I are rarely on the same side of a political campaign, I have always found him to be a worthy adversary. I can’t wait to read this book and steal his secrets!

Kurt Kojzarek, Kane County, Illinois, Board Member

Jeff’s statistical approach to the 2017 Elgin City Council race provided the foundation for a campaign victory in which we received the second highest vote total.

Corey Dixon, Elgin, Illinois, City Councilman

Jeff set the campaign strategy early on, regularly followed up with detailed explanations of each step and made sure I stuck with the plan. As a result, during a very contentious mayoral election cycle, I was one of the few aldermen to be reelected.

Geneva, Illinois, Alderman

Jeff held our Coroner campaign together during a very difficult time. If you want to win an election, read this book!

Tao Martinez, Kane County, Illinois, Coroner Candidate