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"I've Helped Underdogs WIN! This Book Can Help You Too!"

Running for office is a strange process, full of counterintuitive and unforgiving rules and norms. With Jeff’s help, people unfamiliar with campaigning will be in a position to figure out whether they (and their families) are suited to the undertaking, and if so, how to go about doing it effectively and economically.

Kenneth R. Menzel
General Counsel
Illinois State Board of Elections

Political Lesson #3 Under-promise and over-deliver!

Now, you might think that, after his ill-advised and disastrous Tulsa campaign rally, Donald Trump might be the only one who’s particularly prone to this kind of preposterous political puffery, but nothing could be further from the truth. And that truth is local candidates can get so caught up in the smallest city council race…

Manage your campaign team with a firm but light hand. The lower your expectations, the better off you’ll be.

Done right, knocking on correctly targeted voter doors is the only thing that wins elections.

Statistics never exist in a vacuum. Always consider the political forces that drive your district and how those forces affect voter data. Those kinds of insights win elections.

Control your social media message as best you can by blocking trolls, avoiding online debates and keeping your supporters reasonable.

Be creative about getting your message out. The candidate who does something different – but not crazy – tends to get noticed.