Coming July 2019

"I've Helped Underdogs WIN! This Book Can Help You Too!"

Running for office is a strange process, full of counterintuitive and unforgiving rules and norms. With Jeff’s help, people unfamiliar with campaigning will be in a position to figure out whether they (and their families) are suited to the undertaking, and if so, how to go about doing it effectively and economically.

Kenneth R. Menzel
General Counsel
Illinois State Board of Elections

“Nobody loves you but your mother, and she could be jivin’ too!”

If you can’t handle one negative voter, how the heck are you going to handle a hoard of ’em when they disagree with your latest city council vote?

The local suburban press NEVER has your best interest in mind!

People who vote, vote. People who don’t vote don’t vote. Strong Republicans always vote Republican and strong Democrats always vote Democratic. You will not change that.

Everyone thinks they can run a restaurant, manage a baseball team, and run a campaign. BUT THEY CAN’T.

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